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GST Voluntary Registration For Singapore Companies

What should your business consider before registering for GST Voluntary Registration?

Before you apply to for GST Voluntary Registration, you should consider the following:

1. Does your business qualify for GST voluntary registration?

Your business should make one of the following supplies:-

a. Taxable supplies;
b. Out-of-scope supplies;
c. Financial services (exempt supplies), which are also international services.


2. Is your business able to meet the requirements for GST voluntary registration?

GST Voluntary Registration Singapore | Benefit vs Cost GST ComplianceThe company director or sole proprietor must complete the IRAS e-learning courses – "Registering for GST" and "Overview of GST" and pass the quiz.

The company director or sole proprietor need not attend the e-learning courses if the company director or sole proprietor is experienced in managing GST-registered businesses OR the person who prepares your business GST returns is an Accredited Tax Practitioners (ATP); Accredited Tax Advisers (ATA); or has completed the e-learning courses.


3. Do the benefits outweigh the costs?

a. Your company can claim GST expense incurred in conducting your business, subject to certain conditions in the GST Act.

b. You need not monitor your business for the SGD 1 million thresholds for compulsory GST registration.

c. Your company is required to remain as GST-Registered Business for minimum two (2) years.

d. Your company must comply with GST Act and fully met as a GST-Registered Business.

e. Your company should also consider the type of sales made, profile of customers and suppliers, and the full responsibilities of a GST-Registered Business.


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